Tactical Combat casualty Care 

CLS/CMC level

We invite you to training in the standards of the American NAEMT association in the level of CLS (Combat LifeSaver). It is a course dedicated to people without medical education in a wide range, preparing them to provide medical treatment in tactical conditions in war conflicts area. Honored in all NATO countries.


Required by virtually all contracting companies employing in hazardous areas.The course is carried out over 5 days and includes 40 training hours. Including theoretical classes, practical classes teaching skills and simulation. The training will use medical devices recommended by the CoTCCC association as appropriate for real activities in AO.


We use real weapons and deceptive weapons, battlefield simulation devices, medical phantoms and trainers, using radio personal communication.We carry out all the activities at the C4Guns shooting range facility in Poland Łódź at Piłsudskiego 141

We provide:
- Implementation of classes in accordance with the schedule provided for the CLS Course (5 days) and CMC course (8 days)
- Medical and instructor care
- Medical equipment, first aid kits, evacuation equipment for practical and simulation classes
- Eye and ear protection during weapon classes
- It is possible to provide basic tactical equipment for the duration of the classes
We help:
- In organizing accommodation during the course
We do not provide:
- Meals on the course
- Overnight stays
- Personal uniform
We expect the participant to have their own training:
- Uniform or dirty clothes
- Notebook and pen
- Tactical gear
- Watch
We carry out in groups of up to 20 people


Tactical Combat Medic

I invite you to the tactical medicine course in accordance with the tccc guidelines carried out by specmedicalops. The course lasts three days, about 20 hours of training, activities carried out in an intensive way with the use of dressings and rescue equipment recommended by the cotccc association and means of simulating the battlefield, including the use of live weapons, vehicles, cars, etc. The instructors are veterans of combat missions with experience on battlefield and extensive rescue experience with the american naemt tccc certification.


In the first level program, we will cover the following issues:




Lecture / Training room


1 Comprehensive presentation introducing tccc issues





1 Wearing a tactical tourniquet Cat

2 Use of field dressings and hemostatic dressings

3 Evacuation of the wounded in the zone under fire

4 Simple methods of clearing the airways

5 Protection of chest wounds

6 "Dark Room" test simulation of a medical evacuation in extremely difficult outdoor conditions




Training Area


1 Evacuation of the wounded by various methods in the zone without fire

2 Tactical / Medical simulations in tactical zones


Implementation with the use of weapons and ammunition, vehicles, radio systems, simulation of the battlefield and all medical equipment in accordance with tccc guidelines the course is carried out many times for civilians as well as soldiers and entire military units. Dedicated to all who are interested in medical activities in danger zones, think about traveling as contractors in war zones or catastrophes around the world, a career as paramedics in the military. Certified training with the possibility of assigning educational points.


We provide:


- Medical equipment for the implementation of activities

- Manekines and trainers

- Weapons and ammunition

- Eye and ear protection

- Tactical equipment (we prefer that the participant has his own, but ..)

- Instructor care at every stage of the classes


We do not provide:


- Meals for the duration of the course

- Accommodation

- Personal uniforms however, we can help with this. For this purpose, Please contact me.


We expect the participant to have their own training:

- Uniform or dirty clothes

- Notebook and pen

- Tactical gear

- Watch

Shooting courses


We invite you to shooting classes in accordance with the polish army shooting trainning system B.L.O.S.


We realize in programs:


Basic Skills:


- Primary Pistol

- Primary AK Rifle

- Basic AR Rifle


Advanced Skills:


- Primary Pistol

- Advanced AK Rifle

- Advanced AR Rifle


Advanced Tactical Combat 


Program dedicated to medicines of combat teams, medical personnel, contractors and all other persons already have training in the combat medicine or TCCC. In this course, we will take care of an injured in further tactical areas or a long-time medical evacuation. Training performed in 3 days, 26h training hours.




- Lecture reminding 1 zone

- Tactical zone training




- TFC zone and Medevac medical evacuation

- Airways training for advanced skills

- NPA, Reminder

- Laryngeal Tube

- Laryngeal Mask

- IGel

- Cric  

- IO/IV advanced skills training

- IV acces

- IO big acces 

- EZIO acces

- Fast 1 IO acces

- Preparation of fluid therapy

- Pharmacology of TCCC

- Documentation, Medevac, Mist

- Resuscitation Lecture

- Resuscitation Exercises

- Practical training for advanced skills in conditions of reduced visibility

- Dark Room using NVG




- Simulations on the field

- Giving a Medevac and a Mist report

- Organization of ccp

- Safe medical point

- RSC squad organization

- Mission to support the RSC group simulations with the use of live ammunition and weapon with the use of a combat areas, full body manekins and advanced medical rescue equipment, tactical compliant with cut guidelines

Cooperation with Helicopter trainnings

Classes on moderated topics of cooperation with a helicopter, including the following tasks:


- Organization of the Helipad

- Guidance and acceptance of the helicopter on the ground

- Approach and departure from the helicopter

- Landing techniques

- Rope descents from the helicopter deck

- Evacuation of the wounded by air medevac depending on the needs of the training group, we select the methods of classes on the ground and pre-training in order to effectively use the helicopter's flight time and carry out the tasks.