I invite you to a one-of-a-kind, legendary training event, the Special Training Camp "Commando 24". It will take place on August 10-18, 2024 at the Risk Tactics Group Training Center in Gdynia.

In the camp, we will devote each day to a different tactical environment under the leadership of Army/Special Forces instructors, depending on the specificity of the subject. We will use real weapons, vehicles, boats/rafts/ships, and helicopter. Training days will start from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and then at night as well. We will check the participant's suitability for service/work in special units. We only allow adults to enter Commando 24. Accommodation: tents, we don't want any hotels or buildings anymore, this time Commando will be in an autonomous closed facility.


As part of the organization, we provide:

1 Medical coverage

2 Accident insurance for participants in extreme sports

3 Accommodation and meals

4 Necessary transport, land and air, during the camp

5 Professional training staff with authorization to implement the issues discussed

6 Maximum possible practice

7 Training day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

8 Weapons, ammunition and means of simulation for carrying out classes



We expect from participants

- 2 sets of uniforms (not historical or other knightly ones), we prefer multicam, but we do not insist.

- Shoes that protect the ankle joint

- Sports shoes

- Backpack, sleeping bag, canteen, canteen

- Tactical gear you use - vest, belt, helmet/helmet

- Personal protection, headphones, knee pads, glasses, gloves

- Underwear etc. I don't think I need to say anything.

- Watch

- You can take your own weapon (legally owned, of course)


Daily plan


Day 1

Accommodation, initial qualification tests according to SOF and airborne standards

Day 2

Battlefield medicine classes at the TCCC ASM level with NAEMT certification

Day 3

Shooting classes in the use of short and long weapons in the context of the tactical movement of a single soldier.

Day 4

Tactics of small assault teams based on the shooting range area, conducting tactical movement with fire cover in team shooting. Using covers and vehicles.

Day 5

Mountaineering and high-altitude activities combined with tactical equipment

Day 6

Tactical classes on operations in buildings and urban areas (MOUT/CQB)

Day 7

Classes on cooperation with a helicopter. Implementation of simple tactical scenarios using vehicles and aircraft

Day 8

Sea survival classes, swimming pool part, diving intro. The part takes place on the open sea.

Day 9

Tactical tasks at sea. End


The cost of participation is PLN 5,000


Duration 9 days


Place of implementation Gdynia, participants from Gdynia will be transported to the training center